Dinny helps you to better organize dinner parties for friends & family.

Throwing a dinner party can be though. It's like managing a small project, and if you are like most people, you can use a hand. Yes you can.

Dinny takes away most of the hassle and makes the entire experience easier, cheaper, and definitely a lot more fun.

step 01

Fill in all the details

step 02

Invite your friends and family, and let Dinny send a personalized invite, or include the url to your party in your message.

step 03

Get an overview your guests' drink preferences and food allergies or intolerances.

step 04

Automatically see the estimated amount of drinks you need to provide.

step 05

Involve your guests and let them check which of the items on your wishlist they will bring to the party.

step 06

See who brings what and save yourself a lot of running around for missing items.

step 07

Stop worrying about things you didn't think of, and use our dinner party guide to make yours perfect!

step 08

Dinny is free and requires no registration. You'll enjoy it. Take our word for it.