Dinny may be best described as a doodle for home parties. It helps you to better organize home parties for friends & family.

At the same time Dinny is also the first product in a roadmap that will lead to a more ambitious global platform. To get Dinny off the ground, I'm looking for a seasoned digital marketer who likes a challenge, and is up for a rollercoaster ride with me.


Starting from scratch, you’ll develop the entire digital campaign and promote it to make Dinny the top of mind home party planner in Flanders, based on the different identified target audiences and technologies or platforms they use. With your omnichannel expertise, you’ll also actively participate in the development of a new business model. It will be up to you to then pivot the digital strategy to an omnichannel strategy, and implement it.
This pivot will involve business development, but this is undeniably crucial to get understanding of the market.
In parallel, you’ll prepare the digital campaign for the US market. At this point, travel may be required.


You went to school. You like home dinner parties or home parties in general, both as organizer and as guest. A minimum 8 year proven track record of marketing experience, preferably in consumer-oriented large enterprises and multinationals.
A minimum of 4 years digital marketing experience, preferably in consumer-oriented companies.
Experienced in creating and implementing omnichannel campaigns.
You have in-depth knowledge of

  • affiliate marketing
  • programmatic buying
  • Ad networks, ad exchanges, SSP, DSP,DMP
  • SEA
  • Google Analytics, Tag manager, Adwords, Keyword Planner
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram marketing


I'd like you to be human, honest, humble, communicate well, diplomatically, and adjusted to the level of the people you’re communicating with, be an excellent negotiator, persuasive, social, able to be flexible when situations change, a team player and team builder, perform well when needed, is physically able to laugh and can even make a joke.
I want you to have full English proficiency, Dutch & French are a nice to have.


You firmly believe that with your skills, positive personality and perseverance, you can make a difference in the world.
As the company grows, you need to be willing to become CMO in time, this means:
You’ll be responsible for the marketing strategy implementation, following up on metrics and results of our marketing efforts both in number of users and in revenue.
I expect you will have the maturity to take decisions without having to look to someone above you or next to you. In the long run, I expect you will lead a team of marketers and specialists, and this should not scare you (too much).


This is a co-founder position, meaning you'll end up owning part of the company. As opposed to evenly splitting the shares among the founders and feeling unfairly treated afterwards, shares will be dynamically assigned, based on the time, assets and/or money you put in. Ideally there will be 3 founders in total. Until there is revenue and investments are made, there will be no salary for either of us, and likely the work will need to be combined with your current day job.
However, as co-founder you'll be in the unique position to build our company from scratch, with people that rise above counting dollars, and use the company as a powerful tool that can bring about positive change on a global scale.
You may have noticed, this is not a job, it's a lifestyle. It's about walking or running where few can follow. It's about how you see the world, and how hard you believe you can change it.


Contact me to know more, and how dedicated I am to make this work.

Bruno Rooselaer
+32 498 93 63 48 (I will likely be able to respond outside office hours)