Dinner party checklist

We all can enjoy a nice dinner party! Who doesn’t love to go to someone else’s to have free food.
If you organize one yourself, it can be tense. To avoid having slight panic attacks halfway through the main course, just follow the tips below to have a wonderful time at your own dashing dinner party!

6 weeks in advance: Pick the theme and send the invites

Go to www.dinny.co, and create the type of dinner party you have in mind.

Set the cuisine, draft the message to your guests, and send out your invitations at least one month in advance. People have to clear their schedules to be able to attend your party. If you’re planning on inviting people who have children, try to invite them even 6 weeks in advance. Parents need the time to find a babysitter.

With Dinny can you let the platform send the invite to your friends and family, or you can paste the link to the dinner invite in your own message via email or social media.

4 weeks in advance: Ask for help

By now, the status page of your dinner party will give you a good view on who’s coming.

If you’re planning a dinner party for 30 guests, you just can’t do it on your own. From 10 guests onwards, and per additional 10 guests, hire a friend or college student to provide the drinks, serve the food, keep providing the drinks and help clean up the kitchen afterwards.

3 weeks in advance: Plan the menu

The status page of your dinner party will also tell you if you have any guests with food intolerances or allergies you have to take into account when planning the menu. If you want to have fun, ignore... No, that would be wrong. More important: if you are not familiar with the effects of allergies, contact the people that have any.

Depending on the compensation you selected, you may add the items you want your guests to bring in the wishlist, and publish it. This will notify all guests and give them the option to select and bring what’s most convenient for them. If multiple guests wanted to bring the same item, they’ll see someone else selected the item, and it will allow them to pick a different item.

Tip: Avoid experimenting

Don’t make a dish for the first time on your dinner party, it may work, but it guarantees you’re going to have several stressful break-downs while preparing it.

2 weeks in advance: Create your music playlist

Decide if you want to create your own playlist on Youtube or Spotify, if you will play mixes from Soundcloud or Mixcloud, or if you can just put on an mp3 radio station or premium music channel. You may want to select different types of music depending on the occasion or time in the evening.

2 weeks in advance: Inform the neighbors

If you’re living in an apartment, put a note in the entrance that you’ll have a party in two weeks, clearly state the end time, and that you’re sorry for any inconveniences caused. Even if it only lasts till midnight, your neighbors will appreciate you think of them, and it will allow them to voice any concerns.

One week in advance: Clean up thoroughly

You don’t want people paying attention to the dust in your china cabinet! Clean your place thoroughly. It’s not the most fun thing to do, but just do it, cause with a dirty place you can get your guests to come over only once.
Empty your fridge from all green hairy crawling food. Make room in your freezer for ice cubes, crushed ice and cold drinks that will probably arrive at room temperature.

One week in advance: Check if you have enough tableware

Make sure you have enough bowls, plates, cutlery, pots, wine glasses and regular glasses to accommodate all your guests. Now you still have the time to buy what’s lacking, or ask your guests to bring via the wishlist.

3 to 2 days in advance: Get the ingredients and drinks

Get the majority of the ingredients now, but wait for the food that needs to be as fresh as possible: Vegetables, meat, fish…
Buy ingredients for 140% of the amount you’ll need. You don’t people visiting McDonald’s after they leave.
If you’ve asked your guests to bring the drinks, make sure you at least have the starters (champagne, cave, water, orange juice). Put them already in the fridge. You don’t want to open the door to the first guests, while the guests bringing the champagne are still stuck in traffic.

2 to 1 day in advance: Prepare the food

Prepare as much as possible the day before (dicing veggies, marinating, rinsing lettuce etc).

1 day in advance

Make a quick sweep through your home & have the pre-dinner drinks ready in the fridge

4 hours before

Set the table.

2 hours before

Do the dish and empty the dish washer
Take a shower and put on your party clothes…

30 minutes before

Set the mood, light the candles, turn on the music…

And have a good time!