Privacy policy

In effect from 7th of august 2015


Privacy and information security are an absolute priority to us. As a user of the Dinny platform, we want you to know how your information is being collected, used, stored and secured. We provide you a clear, readable and easy to understand privacy statement summary, followed by the legal boring stuff that essentially elaborates on all the details.


  • Technical information to improve our service. This is limited to Internet browser info, hardware info, ip address.
  • Behavioral information to improve our services. This is limited to mouse clicks, time in between mouse clicks, time you stay on a page, which fields are being used and how frequently.
  • Personal information to personalize the hosts and guests experience on the Dinny website and in emails required to use the service. This is limited to name, email address and personal food & drink preferences.
  • Personal information to inform users about major product updates, and about the release of a new platform. This is limited to name and email address.


Sell, rent, give or make it available in any way to 3rd parties. What is collected by Dinny stays at Dinny.